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Struggling during the global pandemic? Concerned about your business and staff? Despite the worldwide chaos, we must stay in business and so, we must remain competitive, innovate and adapt.
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Driving brands forward online.

As an experienced and growing Swiss digital agency, we provide web design, web development, graphic design & digital marketing services to help boost your business.


Our offering is to provide the most brilliant, creative, functional and affordable website for your brand. We’re also the best logo designers in Switzerland. In regards to all our services, we have no hidden fees or extravagant quotes.

Web Strategy Services

Having an outstanding design is not enough. Your website needs to be positioned in front of potential online visitors or they will never acknowledge your existence. Any great website will fail without a lucrative web strategy. The experienced Web Strategists at Meral Designhaus can take care of that.

Responsive Web Design Services

With an average of 80% online users surfing the internet every day on smart devices like smartphones, tablets or iPads, we get a clear signal that going mobile is the next big step, insuring that your clients gets the fastest web experience on their mobile devices, no matter how slow their connection can be.

Web Development Services

Our fully customisable CMS and web development process can be modified to match the needs of your business online, ensuring a high ROI for clients. Responsive Web Design, Hosting and Optimisation are just the start of your custom web development. Our customized CMS System doesn't expect anyone to be an HTML or CSS proficient. It is created to be profoundly easy to understand and to use.

Organic SEO Services

90% of Internet users do not bother to check the second page in Google after searching for a term. That's why our talented developers, at this SEO agency in Switzerland, have written countless SEO-focused blogs and case studies to improve the company's visibility. As soon as your website is on the first page in the search results, your target group will continue to inquire about your brand, your products or services and can easily find your website online.

Logo Design & Branding Services

Do you want to stand out from your competitors and attract more from your target groups? We are also well-known logo designers, in Switzerland, creating logos that represent your brand and your values and help to set your company apart from your competitors. We always have the skills and imagination to design the right identity for you and your organization.

Graphic Design Services

Our team understands the significance of delighting our clients through charming visuals, and our experience and spread of expertise allows us to do that across a massive range of briefs. Whether it’s blog content, illustrative brand material, company prospectus or social media content, we have the experience, resources and talent to custom build your imagination.

" When times are good, you should advertise.
When times are bad, you must advertise. "

How we work.



The aim of the team at Meral Designhaus is to entirely understand each client's business, and the ambience it thrives in. We focus on analysing how the targeted audience will respond to the digital solutions we provide.



Our team organises the analysis into a definite array of tasks to meet our client’s business goals. We use these findings to construct the blueprint to drive more traffic and convert web visitors into web leads.



During execution, our job is to transform creativity into a full program that goes live. With our specialised backgrounds in Web Optimisation, SEO, Creative Designing, etc., we concentrate on making sure that the Develop and Design stages have been finely tailored to the individual client’s needs.



Lastly, our duty is to use scientific metrics to track and evaluate campaign performance. This gives us a quick analysis of what worked and what did not. We, then, establish new strategies to amplify our client’s business goals.

Our portfolio.

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the difference.

Our team and core values

Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, we are a young team of four creative people who provide solutions for web design, web development, web hosting, digital marketing, logo design and SEO services in Switzerland. Our primary goal is to always achieve excellent results with every request from our customers. Because of this ideology, we have completed more than 70 projects over time. In this way we have gained extensive experience in various areas, which we offer with confidence and pride as our services. We consider delivering the highest quality results as one of the core values of our company. In addition, our strength is not shown in our numerical size, but in the expertise that each of our team members has. Our small team, of four ambitious creatives and strategists, dedicate all their potential to each project assigned, and aim to never see any client unsatisfied.

Romeos Rukaj (Founder)

Sales Co-ordinator

Matiya Zubair (Co-Founder)

Graphic Designer

Nivesh Bhagtani

Head of Business Development

Ingrid Hernández

Freelance Translator

Hassan Rashid

Sales Co-ordinator & Web Designer

Lucia Harrison

Business Development Intern

Abdul Bari Soliman

Business Development Specialist

Unparalleled competence and still a low price tag?

We know the value of money. And unlike many of our competitors, we customize your web design ensuring that all your requirements are matched and that your website is as exclusive as you are, without being too heavy on your pockets. Diligence is our ultimate principle. This means that the quality of our work will be in no way compromised, and after working with us, you will never allow other designers to rip you off for the same close attention to detail, the same impeccable service, and the same quality output. We take your business seriously and proactively focus on making the journey of your online growth as convenient and smooth as possible.


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Rukaj Designhaus, Obermattweg 9, 6052 Hergiswil

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